9 Locations For Wedding Photos In Sydney

May 30, 2017

9 Locations For Wedding Photos In Sydney

Sydney has many spectacular locations for wedding photos. With everything from lakes, to bushland to iconic harbour views, there is a location to cater for everyone. Here are 9 locations in Sydney that are perfect for your wedding photos:

1. Kirribilli

For many people, Sydney is defined by the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House, and Kirribilli is absolutely the best place to get a postcard view of both. So if you want the wow factor of these two iconic buildings to feature as the backdrop to your wedding photos, make sure you check out Kirribilli.

9 Location For Wedding Photos In Sydney - Kirribilli

Source: Sydney.com

2. Circular Quay (Sydney CBD)

Circular Quay is another great area for you to get wedding photos featuring the Harbour Bridge and Opera House. However, be aware that Circular Quay is located at the northern end of the CBD, which means it can be tricky to get to due to traffic. Also, being one of the busiest ferry stations and having lots of tourists, it is usually bustling with people. However, the views are amazing. Having said that, the Eastern side of the Quay is where the Opera House is located and can be a bit quieter, and offers postcard views of the Harbour Bridge.

9 Location For Wedding Photos In Sydney - Circular Quay

Source: Sydneytalk.com.au

3. Blues Point Reserve (McMahons Point)

Sticking with the theme of Harbour Bridge and Opera House, our next location is Blues Point Reserve in McMahon’s point. You won’t find many places with better harbour views for wedding photos than Blues Point Reserve. There is a large grassy area that provides plenty of space for photos, as well as a small beach!

9 Location For Wedding Photos In Sydney - Blues Point Reserve

Source: Postcardsydney.com

4. Royal Botanical Gardens (Sydney CBD)

Located right next to Circular Quay are Sydney’s beautiful Royal Botanical Gardens. These amazing gardens are massive and feature several different themed gardens. Close to the water are big grassy areas with perfect water views, while there are many secluded areas with huge trees and lush vegetation deeper in the gardens.

9 Location For Wedding Photos In Sydney - Sydney Royal Botanical Gardens

Source: Aussiegossip.com.au

5. Balls Head Reserve (Waverton)

Balls Head Reserve is located just north of the CBD and is a lesser-known locale. The area features an old coal loading facility (complete with rail cars and tunnels), and some amazing harbour views. The reserve also features a cute little community garden.

9 Location For Wedding Photos In Sydney - Balls Head Reserve

Source: thehungrybackpackers.files.wordpress.com

6. Martin Place (Sydney CBD)

So many couples seem to take their photos at the western end of Martin Place, near the General Post Office building. It’s not hard to see why, with beautiful and grand buildings all around and many covered areas and entrances that allow for photos where the background doesn’t steal your spotlight!

9 Location For Wedding Photos In Sydney - Martin Place

Source: hotelmanagement.com.au

7. St Mary’s Cathedral (Sydney CBD)

St Mary’s Cathedral is Sydney’s largest cathedral and is a grand old building. The combination of beautiful sandstone and intricate decorative features make for complex and timeless photos. The Southern end of the Cathedral features wide-open courtyards and adjoining parklands.

9 Location For Wedding Photos In Sydney - St Marys Cathedral

Source: timetravelturtle.com

8. The Gap or Watsons Bay (Watsons Bay)

Moving away from Sydney CBD, one of the most well-known spots in Sydney is the Gap at Watsons Bay. The cliff top provides amazing views of the harbour leading into Sydney CBD on one side and awe-inspiring ocean views on the other. There is even a lighthouse nearby! Be prepared and organised because it can be windy and busy with tourists.

9 Location For Wedding Photos In Sydney - the Gap at Watsons Bay

Source: postcardsydney.com

9. Lake Parramatta (North Parramatta)

A surprising entry, and an unexpected piece of bushland and water in the heart of Parramatta, Lake Parramatta provides beautiful bushland views set amongst a large lake that feeds a dam. There are many features in Lake Parramatta, including a small wharf, rocky outcrops, and large overhanging trees. There is also a café that operates during business hours (great for snacks while the bridal party takes photos).

9 Location For Wedding Photos In Sydney - Lake Parramatta

Source: etoxin.net


These are just 9 of many places in and around Sydney that offer great views and backdrops for wedding photos. Send us an email at contact@bridalblue.com.au if you have any other suggestions for wedding reception locations around Sydney.

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