Wedding Budget Tips: 5 Big Expenses to Add to Your Wedding Checklist

January 15, 2017

Wedding Budget Tips: 5 Big Expenses to Add to Your Wedding Checklist

Modern weddings cost money (and sometimes they cost a lot of money), partially because there are so many things to organise.

It’s daunting keeping track of expenses and your wedding budget when you are struggling to identify everything that needs to be organised. To help you out, we have put together a short list of 5 common large wedding expenses that you should add to your wedding checklist:

1. The Wedding Reception

The wedding reception is usually the biggest expense for most brides and can easily exceed the wedding budget. Think about it – you’re inviting upwards of a hundred people at over $100 per head (in Sydney at least). That’s $10,000!

This cost will quickly balloon out to a much higher figure if you have a lot of people to invite or if you want a fancier wedding reception venue, which is why you need to add it to your wedding checklist immediately and start planning and saving for.

While the wedding reception does cause a lot of financial pain, there are ways to save money and make sure you are getting a good deal. For example, if you get married in winter, you could take advantage of the winter rates that many reception venues offer. Opt for July (in the Southern Hemisphere obviously!) and you may get an even better deal. See our post on 5 Ways You Can Save On Your Wedding Reception for more tips.

2. The Honeymoon

The other big expense for most weddings is the honeymoon and, along with the wedding reception, can easily exceed your wedding budget (so make sure you add it to your wedding checklist straight away).

While you don’t have to have a honeymoon, there is nothing better than starting your married lives with a trip together to explore a new area. Obviously the cost of your honeymoon is going to largely depend on your destination and mode of travel. 

Even though the honeymoon is a far way off, and happens after your wedding, don't let it be the last thing you budget for. You should decide on your honeymoon destination as soon as possible and start gathering some quotes for flights and accommodation so that you can start saving for it and avoid running out of funds before you go on your honeymoon. See our post on 5 Ways to Save on the Best Honeymoon Destinations for more tips.

3. The Wedding Dress

The Wedding Dress. It’s your big day. You’ve probably been planning it in your head for a long time. You have to look perfect, and you need the perfect wedding dress (well, that’s what people will be trying to convince you).

Wedding dresses can cost anything from a few hundred dollars to many thousands and can take up a large portion of your wedding budget, and you should start shopping as soon as possible. It’s almost the first thing that we’d recommend adding to your wedding checklist!

The best tip we can give you on this expense is to remind you that it is a very emotional decision. Therefore, have a clear number in mind that you will not exceed and be determined to stick to it before you start looking for that perfect wedding dress. 

4. The photographer/videographer

The Photographer and/or Videographer. Photographers and videographers can cost you a little or a lot and are an important entry on your wedding checklist. Some do both videos and photos, while others choose to specialise in one or the other.

Make sure to ask for samples of previous work (most photographers and videographers will have short clips of other weddings that they’ve serviced). Make sure to shop around and get quotes. See our post on 6 Ways to Save on you Wedding Photos and Videos for more tips.

5. Flowers

Flowers. Of the items on your wedding checklist, flowers can consume a surprisingly large component of your wedding budget.

Finding a good florist that has great communication skills is key, as does having a good idea of what you want. The last thing you need is a bouquet that doesn’t match the style of your wedding – especially if it was just due to miscommunication!

To save on flowers, you can neatly place your bouquet (and those of the bridesmaids) along the edge of the bridal table as decoration rather than paying for additional flowers (something we opted for at our wedding - and it looked lovely!).

    Keeping within your wedding budget can be difficult. We hope this list kickstarts your wedding checklist and helps you keep to your wedding budget.

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