Wedding Budget Tips: 5 Ways to Save on the Best Honeymoon Destinations

January 24, 2017

Wedding Budget Tips: 5 Ways to Save on the Best Honeymoon Destinations

Honeymoons are an awesome way to start your married life, but they can be one of the most expensive items on your wedding checklist. The good news is that there are ways that you can save while still having a great honeymoon (and maybe even in one of the best honeymoon destinations!). Here are 5 ways to save on your honeymoon: 

1. Ask for free upgrades 

You’d be surprised how many hotels, motels, resorts and airlines offer upgrades to couples on their honeymoons. Many people would feel uncomfortable asking for free upgrades on their honeymoon, but you need to get over that awkwardness and do it. After all, the worst you’ll hear is a “no”. Some examples of what to ask for: 

  • With accommodation, tell them you’re on your honeymoon and ask for an upgrade to a suite. Many of the five-star hotels will surprise you with complimentary wine and sweets at the very least. 
  • With an airline, tell them you’re on your honeymoon and ask for an upgrade to business (or first class if you’re feeling particularly brave!) or the exit row. 
  • With tour operators, ask for a flat-out discount – or – ask if they have anything that they usually provide to newly weds on their honeymoon (you'll find that there is at least one tour operator that does something special for newlyweds, even at the best honeymoon destinations) 

2. Use flight-comparison websites 

Everyone wants to fly to the best honeymoon destinations. The internet is very useful because it means you could easily find cheap flights to the best honeymoon destinations. Use websites that aggregate and compare airfares such as Expedia, SkyScanner and Webjet to make sure you are getting the best deal on a flight. And as always, it doesn’t hurt to speak to a travel agent – they can still provide great deals as well as great travel advice. 

3. Use alternate modes of transport. 

If you’re really on a budget, then sometimes flights (which can consume a large portion of your wedding budget) to the best honeymoon destinations are just too expensive. In this case, you should consider other modes of transport such as bus, train or car hire.  

Buses can be really cheap but that sometimes means the trip might take longer, but most buses are very comfortable. For example, if you're travelling to America, consider travelling by coach between cities or states instead of taking a domestic flight 

Trains are another excellent option and can be quicker than buses and more comfortable.  

Finally, car hire may be another good option if you can get a good price (remember to ask for freebies or upgrades and tell the car hire company you’re on your honeymoon!). 

4. Shop around 

We covered this when we spoke about ways to save on your wedding reception, but it bears repeating because it applies to a lot of things… make sure you shop around! The internet can be a great resource and there are many websites that let you compare reviews, prices and availability of just about anything on your wedding checklist 

Tripadvisor is great for accommodation, as is Stayz. We’ve already mentioned Expedia and SkyScanner. Get on Google and start searching for your amazing deals in the best honeymoon destinations. 

5. Go to a local destination 

Everyone would like to go to Bora Bora or the Maldives, which are amongst the best honeymoon destinations in the world, but these destinations can be expensive. You can still have a great honeymoon without consuming your entire wedding budget by going to a local destination. Are you in Australia? Fly to Sydney or the Gold Coast. Live in the USA? Think about flying to SoCal or NYC. Or are you located in Europe? Then there are tens of countries at your doorstep.  

We hope the above tips help you organise a honeymoon within your budget. Not everyone can afford to go to the best honeymoon destinations, but everyone can go to a good honeymoon destination with a bit of lateral thinking and bargain hunting. Have fun planning your trip and, above all, stay safe! 

If you have an other tips on how to save on the best honeymoon destinations, send us an email at

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